Lane´s camping story – by Edd Patrick

Gay stories: Lane´s camping story by Edd Patrick. My changing camping trip with my friend Lane and his dog. My friend Lane seems to always have horrible breath in the morning. I wonder why…

Gay stories: Lane´s camping story

by Edd Patrick

Genres: Fantasy, Bestiality, Blowjob, Gay, Teen

Three or four times a year we would go camping in the mountains for a couple of weeks and have a good time telling stories and drinking beer. Sometimes we would go with a group of friends but most times just he and I would go. When Lane would fall asleep for the night he would be out cold. I never saw anyone so out when asleep.

When we were younger we used to do all kinds of crazy things to him when he was asleep. One time we dressed him in women’s clothes and moved him to a different camp site. He was pretty mad about that. We eventually got tired of that and left him alone.

When Lane got a dog, he took him everywhere. The dog was a mutt but a smart dog. One evening after Lane had fallen asleep; I was sitting there, enjoying the fresh air and petting the dog. I watched him licking himself and thought for a dog he sure had a big cock.

Right then a nasty idea flashed through my drunken head. I looked at Lane lying asleep on the floor with his mouth open and at the dog licking his cock. I wondered if I could get the dog to fuck Lane in the mouth. No one was around and I doubted that he would wake up. He didn’t wake up for a two alarm fire at his neighbor’s house, or when we carried him to another camp site. He didn’t even wake up when we decided to take him into town in the bed of a pickup truck late one night for more beer

I was petting the dog and while petting him I reached under and stroked his cock. He seemed to like that. He was humping my hand in no time. I tried to get him to hump Lane’s mouth but he didn’t understand and wouldn’t stay still long enough to get started.

I really wanted to see this work so I lay on my side by the dog and rubbed his cock and slowly moved my head closer to his cock. When he started humping I tried to get him to hump my face. I’m not sure what he thought I was trying to do but he kept running away. But he always soon came back for more.

When I finally got his cock in my mouth he went wild. He fucked my mouth but good. I just laid there with my head sideways like I was asleep. When his knot started to get big I held it back with my hand. I wasn’t sure how big it would get so I didn’t want to get it stuck in my mouth.

When he started cumming I let him stay in my mouth and drank it down. After all the beer I drank that night the cum didn’t taste bad at all. I figured it would be a natural reflex to do that even when asleep and I wanted the dog to have what I would expect Lane to do in his sleep. I was preparing him to be a steady fucker of Lane’s mouth.

I let Lane’s dog fuck my mouth this way a couple more times that night and by the third time I pretended to be asleep and he just came over, mounted my face and did it all without my help. Lane commented that my breath was terrible the next day. He even called it dog breath. How fitting.


The next night the dog seemed to be getting anxious towards night time. I made sure to break out a couple of six packs of good beer so that Lane would be out for sure.

Once Lane was asleep on the floor like usual I started playing with the dog. He was running around me like crazy. I was sitting up so he didn’t know what to do. He wanted some of what he had yesterday.

I started stroking him and getting him excited and he was showing a lot of red slimy cock. He was humping my hand but I wasn’t giving him a lot of relief. He was jumping at me and barking but Lane never moved.

I moved over to where Lane was lying and shook him to see how out he was. He was out for the night. I moved him around so that he was on his side and made sure he had a pillow to put his head at the right height. I gave him some time to get settled again before laying down so my head was near his.

The dog was trying right away to hump my face. I let him mount my mouth and hump me till he came. This time I let the knot into my mouth too to see if I would choke on it. I didn’t want Lane to choke to death on dog cock while we were camping. That would be hard to explain.

His cock was in my throat some but I didn’t choke even when he came. He always seemed to cum a lot. Luckily his cock wasn’t that long, just fat, and the knot was small enough to fit nicely in my mouth. I could even keep him from getting away from me with just the pressure from my lips around his knot.

It only took him about fifteen minutes after he was done with me before he was back for seconds. This time I pulled a blanket over my head and reached out and stroked him. When he started to get excited I guided his cock to Lane’s mouth. He wanted me but I was hiding and still stroking him. He finally gave up on me and aimed for the only other opening available.

When he started to fuck Lane’s mouth I moved away in case Lane woke up. The dog was going crazy as usual and Lane seemed to be sucking on whatever he was dreaming about. I was amazed at what I was seeing. The dog was going to town and Lane seemed oblivious to it. This dog was going to be the happiest dog around.

When the dog came in Lane’s mouth, he swallowed it naturally. He didn’t choke a bit. There was some cum leaking out the corner of his mouth but he was
swallowing most of it. When the dog jumped off of his face the knot was still in Lane’s mouth and he was still sucking at it like a pacifier. I would love to know what he was dreaming about. The dog eventually got free and went in the corner to clean himself. It took him about a half hour to come back this time. That was one horny dog.

I bet the dog fucked Lane’s mouth four times during the night before he finally curled up in a corner and went to sleep. When Lane woke up the next morning it was he that had dog breath. He blamed it and his drooling on the beer that we drank. He had crusty drool all over the side of his face. Little did he know that it was genuine dog cum.

The rest of our stay I would keep the dog away from him until I was sure he was asleep. By the third day the dog understood he had to wait until Lane was asleep. That was a smart dog. He would go over and test Lane to make sure he was asleep before mounting his face. It was just amazing to watch.

I was getting horny one of the nights and was stroking myself watching them when I decided to join in on the fun. As soon as the dog pulled out of Lane’s mouth I stuck my cock in. He sucked gently on my cock, just like he’d been doing to the dog. Since I was in a high state of arousal already, it only took a few minutes for me to cum. I came so much I thought it would choke Lane but he drank it down real good. Camping was going to be so much more fun from now on.

Lane later told me that he found a strange cure for his bad breath… sleeping on his stomach seemed to cure it. But, he said for some strange reason the dog didn’t like him sleeping on his stomach. He would bark at him until he slept on his side or back.

The dog and I had fun for years after that. I even got my own bigger dog and had some fun on my own with him. He was bigger in all ways.

Everyone should have a dog, a male dog because they can’t have puppies. They are so much fun.


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